Leigh Thompson, Director - Torque Industries

“Prior to engaging Johnsons, we had retained the services of a traditional corporate advisor and went to market (on a selective basis). Although mild interest was generated, no deal eventuated. [A year later] we approached Johnsons with a view to running a different process… The direct marketing campaign generated interest from over 50 companies. Johnsons then screened & qualified these and within 10 weeks we had signed Offer & Acceptance with the [eventual] purchaser. In the end we sold… at a valuation and on terms all three shareholders were happy with.”

Donovan Callaghan - Superior Activewear

“After a careful selection process, we decided to appoint Johnsons Corporate to run a sale process for us… Their process and effort were key to the success of the sale. What developed into a more complex transaction, with a related publicly-listed overseas buyer, was handled in a most professional and efficient manner.”

Troy Culley, Director (Mechanical) - SRO Group (Mechanical Division)

“During the course of the engagement there were a number of challenges faced by the Division, however, Johnsons did not let up and continued to move forward to secure the right buyer. In the end, we sold the Division to an ASX listed global logistics company and we were more than pleased with the results Johnsons achieved. We have no hesitation in recommending Johnsons to others considering selling their businesses.”

Tim Bird, Director - Paramount Safety Products

“Within a very short space of time, Johnsons Corporate was able to identify and bring forward a number of “off market” acquisition opportunities, for our consideration. Once suitable targets were confirmed, their ability to organise information, facilitate meaningful discussions and ultimately gain traction was clearly evident. Following an extensive review of a number of targets, Johnsons Corporate worked closely with the board of Paramount Safety, to successfully negotiate and complete the acquisition, which represented an ideal fit for our diversification objectives.”

Shane & Brendan O’Brien - O'Brien Boiler Services

“We appointed Johnsons Corporate in order to assist with the implementation of the entire acquisition strategy, incorporating target identification, initial approaches, data review, deal structuring, negotiations and overall project management. We believe the input from Johnsons was invaluable in terms of taking the acquisition strategy from concept stage to successful completion.”

Andrew Gannan, Director - Mobility Aids Australia

“Following an evaluation and engagement process, I decided that the Johnsons Corporate approach to selling businesses was the right ‘fit’ for the project. I was very impressed with the robust and logical methods used by Johnsons right through the campaign. The marketing of the business was very thorough and I was kept up to date at every step. In particular there were some significant times within the final stages of negotiation with the purchaser where the skill set and ‘cool heads’ of the team at Johnsons Corporate were invaluable.”

Melvyn Port & John Goggin, Directors - Market Sports Online

“A key element to the divestment strategy was the objective of the directors staying on in the business in both an operational and minority equity capacity. Given this requirement, it was critical that we identified a potential suitor that not only represented a strong match for the business, but also demonstrated a ‘culture fit’ between the relevant operators. The end result was the successful majority sale to a well-established and highly regarded import and distribution company… We were very impressed with the level of commitment and personal attention provided by Johnsons Corporate, throughout the entire divestment project.”

Derek Bade, Director - Metco Industrial

“The monthly retainers charged by Johnsons Corporate concerned me, as our accountant had no requirement for a retainer. However, Johnsons specialised in selling private businesses like mine and we really liked their approach. So my General Manager and I decided to go with them… In the end we sealed the deal in less than 5 months of going to market.”

George Cora, Director - Intersect Alliance

“With the help of Johnsons Corporate we sold Intersect Alliance to a synergistic buyer, being subsidiary of a publicly listed company. The team at Johnsons was thoroughly professional and we really enjoyed working with them. Although a little more costly than other less proactive approaches, we did not want to risk getting it wrong. There is no doubt we could not have achieved the same result without them.”

Peter Stannett, Director - Hi-Way Hydraulics Services

“From the moment I formally engaged Johnsons Corporate they took hold of the process and actively drove it forward. They were in continual contact with myself and my accountant… Due to external market changes (the mining crash of 2012) the sale process was slower than we expected. Although conditions were tough Johnsons persisted over the next few months. To their credit they told me to hang in there and that they were confident they could find a buyer for me. In the end they never gave up and obtained a result I had not thought possible.”