Refer your clients to professionals & get a better outcome

Johnsons Corporate understands that your clients have strong, long-standing relationships with you – their trusted advisor. Like you we’re professionals. You can put us in front of your clients with confidence.

At Johnsons we know from experience that selling and acquiring businesses is never straightforward. This is generally a significant decision-point for your clients, and one that often has important ramifications for multiple stakeholders. This is particularly true in family businesses where various members may be involved in the day-to-day operations.

7 benefits of working together with Johnsons Corporate

  • We compliment your technical expertise by specialising in deal execution services
    and don’t provide general advisory services that potentially compete with yours
  • We offer complete end-to-end transaction management
    so you know your clients are in good hands throughout the whole process
  • We’re inclusive in our approach and collaborate with all stakeholders
  • We provide complete transparency & open communication
    so both your and your client remain informed throughout
  • We are a long-established and professional M&A firm
    so you can confidently refer us to valued and discerning clients
  • We have a proven track record in getting deals done
    so you can be assured we won’t let you or your clients down

You can speak with us confidentially about your client’s situation and their objectives. We are happy to share with you our views and experience in relation to similar businesses or situations and what approach might be best for your client.

Our pure M&A focus and over 50 years of experience means we’ve probably dealt with similar situations in the past. And because we specialise purely in M&A services, there’s no risk of us crossing over into your area of expertise and professional services.