Justin Lowe, Co-Director - ASI Solutions acquires Int Tec Solutions

“Within a very short space of time, Johnsons was able to identify and bring forward several genuine “off market” opportunities for our consideration. Once several live acquisition targets were selected, Johnsons demonstrated a strong ability to facilitate negotiations while managing vendor expectations, which culminated in our securing signed Offer & Acceptance with our preferred candidate.

Overall, the team at Johnsons made the whole process a seamless experience. Nathan and I remain impressed with the level of structure, professionalism and commitment that they brought to this engagement – even going so far as to offer post acquisition guidance to smooth the merger process.”

Georgina Talbot, Owner - Acuneeds Australia

“It was Johnsons’ prior experience in a similar deal with an overseas supplier as the acquirer that finally convinced me to engage them. In the end, they played a critical role in completing the sale. Looking back, I had no idea of the level of detail and expertise that would be demanded by things like negotiating a term sheet, undergoing due diligence, and completing legal contracts. Throughout the whole process, Johnsons managed the fine balancing act of getting the best result for Acuneeds and myself, while ensuring our relationship with our supplier and new owner stayed on track..”

Peter Schulze, Director - ITS Integrated Technical Software

“In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the results. As promised, Johnsons’ approach effectively took a niche Australian software package and brought it to the attention of developers, vendors and financial buyers from around the world. This was an eye-opening introduction to the realm of software investors, and the team at Johnsons were invaluable in helping me navigate all the different participants and their ways of looking at business. Critically, Johnsons helped make sense of the wide range of offers, negotiating pricing and terms in my favour while not losing sight of my long-term goals for the Business and the importance of a strong working relationship with the new owner.”

Derek Sheen – Director - Yellow Octopus

“Navigating the sale of Yellow Octopus to an overseas-backed private equity firm several-hundred times larger than my business was challenging, but ultimately very fruitful. However, I simply would not have been able to successfully traverse the sale process without the expertise and guidance from Johnsons Corporate. They are not simply business brokers, but first and foremost, highly experienced business advisors. They take the time to understand your business, help maximise your company valuation and leave no stone unturned in helping you find the right buyer – and ultimately achieving a great result.”

Richard Lawson & Rodney Callahan – Directors - Fluid Power Services

“As they say timing is everything, and Johnsons stayed with us every step of the way to complete the transaction. In the end it may have taken us longer than we first thought, but both of us are extremely happy with the result. We can’t recommend Johnsons highly enough. Coventry Group is a great fit with Fluid Power, and we couldn’t have gotten here without them.”

Stewart Craig – Founder - Ausdeck Group

“I guess to sum it all up, the team at Johnsons led me through the whole process and provided invaluable guidance along the way. They assisted me to overcome numerous obstacles, which were unforeseen from my perspective and managed the multiple stakeholders from beginning to end. And when all I needed was a sounding board to talk through issues or simply get something off my chest – Johnsons were always there and available.”

Neville & Jason Beeston, Director & Shareholder - Beemart

“Johnsons were able to design a very effective divestment strategy and targeted marketing campaign, resulting in the timely securing of a buyer for Beemart. In addition to this, we were highly impressed with how Johnsons managed the sale process and kept it on track during what was one of the most difficult financial periods for businesses in the foreseeable past in what has been the Covid-19 epidemic. Despite the effects of the pandemic on businesses, Johnsons were able to affirm the relationship with the buying party and ensured settlement was able to go ahead and both parties attained the desired outcome.”

Leonie Andersen & Felicity Melville Directors - Vision Environment

“Given the specialist nature of our business, and likely suitors, we needed a very strategic and targeted divestment strategy. Our appointed broker, Johnsons Corporate, certainly delivered on this front. Significant effort was made to understand our business and the attributes that would be valuable to potential buyers. This was then combined with a very robust international marketing program, ultimately identifying a very strong, multi-national strategic suitor for our business.”

Alex Koutzoumis, Director - Empowered Learning

“[With] Johnsons Corporate, we felt their overall approach was more suited to what we were looking for. Johnsons took the time to sit down and understand our Business and the markets we operated in. They came back with some broad market research that identified literally hundreds of companies across several related industry segments. When we went to market, this broader approach resulted in a swift response from the market… In the end, we did the deal within about 6 months of going-to-market. We were very pleased with the outcome in relation to both price and deal terms secured.”

Lindsay Mitchell, Director - Workforce Clothing

“Our initial discussions with Johnsons Corporate led us to the conclusion, that whilst a divestment of this asset would require some ‘heavy lifting’ given the dynamics within the sector, with the right approach and a genuine commitment to the divestment process, an outcome could be achieved… [Later] during the ongoing and sometimes lengthy discussions with the preferred suitor, Johnsons ensured that the negotiations were handled in a calm and pragmatic fashion ensuring that relationships were maintained and ultimately the final consummation of the sale.”