Kristine Slawinski & Val Kopilas, Directors - Elsie + Betty Design

“With our divestment objectives in mind, Johnsons Corporate went about marketing the opportunity to a broad cross section of direct and related industry sectors, ultimately resulting in the identification of the eventual acquirer, a growing Brisbane based architectural practice. Johnsons Corporate demonstrated a commitment to this project from start to finish, even during somewhat complex and protracted negotiations. This gave us a level of confidence and allowed us to navigate our way through to a successful transaction.”

David Edington, Director - Edington Agencies

“From our first meeting and preliminary discussions, I felt confident that Johnsons Corporate possessed the expertise and overarching process to manage the divestment of Edington Agencies. In particular, they invested significant time to understand the business, which enabled them to effectively represent the business right throughout the divestment process… Whilst the negotiations involved some complexity, Johnsons demonstrated a level headed and calm approach, whilst always maintaining enough momentum to finalise the transaction.”

Craig Medhurst, Director - Eastern Automation

“Johnsons were very effective at creating a level of market interest in our business, but also navigating the presentation, preferred suitor selection, and transaction negotiation process. They were committed to the project from start to finish and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any other business owners considering a divestment.”

Peter Melvey, Director - Dawn Trading

“We were introduced to Johnsons Corporate by our accountants. After concluding a strategic review of our operations, Johnsons were upfront in advising us that there would be challenges in selling the Business as a stand-along entity. They recommended that the best result would come from positioning it as a ‘bolt-on’ opportunity to a related industry player. As it turned out [the fit with] the purchaser could not have been better and Johnsons assisted us to negotiate a deal so that both parties achieved a great outcome. We are more than happy to recommend the professional services of Johnsons Corporate to other Family Groups who might be considering a sale.”

David Hughes, Director - Crown Project Services

“I met with a Director from Johnsons Corporate… He seemed to talk my language and understood a people-based professional services business. My overall impression was that they had significant experience in selling mid-sized private businesses, and this was certainly demonstrated during the sale process. Along the way there were various challenges throughout the due diligence and legal processes. However, the team at Johnsons were always available with practical advice and assistance in driving outcomes. In the end we closed [the deal]… both my wife and I were thrilled with the outcome.”

Norm Stoliar, Director - Computer Air Services

“In July 2011 the primary shareholders decided to sell their interests in the Business. We initially engaged a second-tier corporate advisory firm… however after speaking to a handful of competitors [it] was unable to obtain a result. We were [then] introduced to Johnsons Corporate through a referral… In less than 8 weeks of going to market Johnsons had secured Offer & Acceptance from the purchaser. We were very happy with the way Johnsons handled each stage of the process and delighted at the end result.”

Dennis Moon, Director - Campaspe Irrigation

“From the outset, we felt comfortable with the approach taken by Johnsons Corporate. In particular the personal attention we received right throughout the project. Whilst the time taken to complete the sale ran longer than anticipated, Johnsons Corporate “stayed the journey” and demonstrated a high level of commitment… The end result was the successful sale to a highly regarded and growing irrigation group.”

Brad McMillan, Director - BusinessWorks

“After meeting with Johnsons Corporate to discuss our objectives, we felt confident that their strategic and proactive approach was the right fit for us. They presented well, had a strong record of accomplishment, and spent a great deal of time working through the dynamics of the sale process before we ultimately engaged their services… I was very impressed with the service provided by Johnsons Corporate and would highly recommend them to anyone considering a sale of their business.”

Len Webb, Director - Bridgeman Stainless Solutions

“In the early stages when things got tough and the market did not respond as expected, Johnsons dug in and weren’t afraid to pick up the phone and generate interest form other companies to consider acquiring our Business. Having now experienced a number of different brokers and their approaches, I can highly recommend Johnsons Corporate to anyone thinking about selling their business.”

Peter Baker, Director - Baker & Provan

“Within 2 weeks of going-to-market Johnsons Corporate generated 30 expressions of interest from related industry buyers. Within 4 weeks they had secured Offer & Acceptance. We were impressed with the way Johnsons managed the divestment process from beginning to end and the final result was a great outcome.”